Who We Are

Imagine being knee deep in diapers with an eighteen month old, a newborn and nanny taxes to try to figure out.  That was where my wife and I were when the idea for PayMarjory struck me.  Well, sort of.  I tried to find an affordable service out there before I built one.  The services I liked were hundreds of  bucks a month or others simply have an accountant help you every month.  That was not what my wife and I needed.  We just wanted a way to calculate the taxes, print a pay stub and have reports to send off to our government payroll tax people.  There were, of course, cheaper software packages but they required me to download software on my computer that crashed my system.   Even though I am a software engineer if I couldn’t use the software certainly other families would not be able to.

PayMarjory was designed to overcome the following obstacles with other household employee tax solutions:

  • Cumbersome and unreliable laptop installation that kept asking for complicated license keys every single time my computer wanted to upgrade its system or just crashed everything altogether.
  • Needing to be responsible for some very challenging and time-consuming data and application backups.  Say what?
  • Other bigger systems were nice looking but were so hard to use.  Most of the more recognized brand name payroll software applications were originally created for regular business employers with a lot of steps and bells and whistles a household employer would never need.
  • Other systems were simply way too expensive for what many household employers need.  Many online payroll services are $700 and up for a one-year subscription.

Lightening struck when I had the need for a business case to prove out a web-application framework I developed.  A payroll app that I could actually use seemed like killing two birds with one stone. Boy, there is more to payroll services than I thought, because that newborn baby I mentioned above, he is six now and we are just now going live. But, if we make your life easier so you can hire great household employees and take some headache out of payroll so you can enjoy your family more then I have succeeded.  It feels good my personal project might give you 2 extra hours a month with your family and some extra cash in your pocket to do something nice together.

Wishing you all the best,

Clemens Gantert and his wife Traci and sons Oli and Leif

family in trees for paymarjory