How It Works

PayMarjory is a simple online tool to calculate and keep track of household employee pay with the appropriate deductions.  It is designed to be fast, easy and affordable.

Once you sign up for the service you simply “run payroll” regularly for your employee.  It is a very simple two-step process that involves adding the dollar amount to be paid and pushing a button.

Once you enter your employee’s gross pay (the hourly wage X hours worked) will produce a PDF paystub with how much to pay out to your employee with all the right deductions taken out.  You pay your employee cash or with a personal check ( does not offer direct deposit). All pay stubs are stored on our servers and can be accessed at a later time by both employers and employees.  By giving your employees access to their paystubs online, at no additional cost, you save yourself the hassle of printing them for your employees and build employee confidence in you. calculates:

  1. Social Security and Medicaid taxes
  2. Federal Unemployment Insurance Tax
  3. Federal income tax withholding (if you choose to withhold for your employee).
  4. All state taxes for your state (right now we are only providing for the State of CA but are adding more states quickly) such as state unemployment insurance tax and state income tax withholding. will keep track of all withheld income and payroll taxes.  You can run these reports and use them or send to your accountant to more quickly prepare your quarterly and year-end tax filings.